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Artists gathering in the "Virtual Open Area"!

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Let's all support those who are confronting the new coronavirus!
The "Magcal Open Zone," a space where you can freely announce performances such as music and dance, which is held on Nihon Odori in front of the Kanagawa Prefectural Office, is currently suspended on Nihon Odori. Therefore, we will move the venue to the Internet and hold a "Virtual Open Zone"! In this "Virtual Open Area", we are looking for videos of all genres of culture and art with the theme of support and gratitude to those who are working to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

<1> Recruitment conditions
We are looking for videos of all genres of culture and art (music, dance, street performance, theater, etc.) within 5 minutes with the theme of supporting and gratitude to essential workers (*) such as medical professionals.
◎ Applicants can be professional or amateur.
◎ Awarded works will be selected from the submitted works.
◎ The total prize money is 1 million yen. (1st place 500,000 yen, 2nd place 300,000 yen, 3rd place 100,000 yen, special prize 100,000 yen)
◎ When creating a video, please try to avoid "3 Cs".
* An essential worker is a person who is engaged in work that is indispensable for social life.

<2> Application period / application method
◎ The application period is from June 1st (Monday) to July 31st (Friday), 2020 .
◎ On June 1st, we will set up a special page for application on the following website and announce the details of the recruitment. Please apply!
◎ After confirming the submitted videos, we will post them one week after the reception.

Artists gathering in the "Virtual Open Area"!

cccc; "> /// Click here for application details for" Virtual Open Zone "///

We are looking for videos of all genres of culture and art, including music, dance, and street performance!
Artists gathering in the "Virtual Open Area"!
[Application period] June 1st (Monday) to July 31st (Friday), Reiwa 2 (2020)
[Application site]https://kaihouku.pref.kanagawa.jp/?page_id=1545
[Application video distribution period] From about one week after application is accepted to March 31, 2021 (Wednesday)
[Inquiry] 045-323-9351 (Virtual Open Zone Management Office Certified NPO Arkship)
[Email] magcul-kaihouku@arcship.jp
* Click here for the official website of "Magcal Open Area"!