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Yokohama Noh Theater 
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The world of art to go, see and feel
Yokohama Noh Theater Special Exhibition Satoshi Yamaguchi “Shura no Naru

Miyuki Inoue (Magcal Editorial Department)

Satoshi Yamaguchi, who is continually releasing works that combine traditional Japanese painting styles with modern motifs, will present installation works at the Yokohama Noh Theater-this is a must! Because Mr. Yamaguchi is a handsome contemporary writer who is popular among art girls because of his cool style, as well as his humorous style. What is he trying to do in a Noh theater that should be called the Japanese classic hall of fame? I was curious about it.

This exhibition is in conjunction with the performance of the Yokohama Noh Theater “Fuka and Unusual—The World of Shura Noh”. In other words, while drawing the characters of “Heike Monogatari” and the state of the battle, an unconventional world develops?
Go through the usual lobby and go to the first floor seats. Each seat has a bow, and when you look around, it looks like a pattern of “Aominami”. From behind the scenes, you can hear the sound of water flowing, reminding the world of water that the Heike people sank in Dannoura.

When I heard that there was also an exhibition in the lobby on the 1st floor, I found an old wall clock in one corner. This is also an installation?
You can feel the flow of time with "water" on the stage, and the time with a tickling sound in the lobby. It would be a taste to experience various time axes Or? By the way, the time of a wall clock may be greatly shifted, but that seems to lead to a space where time flows in parallel—the world of Noh in which the past and the present exist in parallel.

On the second floor, chairs and tables are stacked in front of the break room. Of course, this is part of the installation.
The party-like table setting in the back room is the image of a “phantom banquet” where “Hoichi without ears” was taken to the ghost of Heike. In other words, are the chairs and tables stacked in the foreground in the real world, that is, the cemetery?

A world that can be seen by those who can see it and cannot be seen by those who cannot see it.

In the glass case where Noh materials are usually displayed, various tools pulled out from the Nogakudo warehouse are displayed as “works” along with Yamaguchi's paintings. Noh masks, kites used on the stage, clothes girders to display costumes, dressing room jugs, screws and nails picked up from the tool box. Mr. Yamaguchi walked all the way around Noh Theater and combined the selected objects with his own paintings to compose the whole.
Some of the paintings are incomplete at the time of opening, but according to the person, "I intend to use closed days to complete". If you visit several times, you may be able to enjoy the “evolution” of the work.
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Randomly leaned panel in front of the glass case. Still in production? Of course, this is also part of the installation. It is also modern art that the information board is displayed in a glass case with a clear face.
The theme that flows throughout is "the sea" or "wave". It is a rise and fall of the Heike family and overlaps with the tragedy that hit Tohoku.

Understand? do not know?

It's better to feel free and enjoy it than to think difficult.

In the video corner, the video (?) Played by Mr. Yamaguchi himself is flowing endlessly.
The title of the work is “Releasing ability”.
A message that artists should send out, there are things that can be done because of art ...

Yokohama Noh Theater Special Exhibition Satoshi Yamaguchi “Shura no Naru”

[Period] Until Saturday, March 23 9: 00-20: 00
* Closed on February 26 (Tue), March 4 (Mon), 5 (Tue) and 6 (Wed)
[Venue] Yokohama Noh Theater
[Admission] Free ※ If there is a paid event, those who do not have a ticket can not enter.
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