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Kanagawa Prefecture: The Place to Travel for Japan's Seasonal Beauty and Traditional Culture

Kanagawa Prefecture is sorrounded by a rich natural emvironment, even though it's located just an hour by train from the capital of Japan-Tokyo. With cities that host both a distinctive culture steeped in tradition and modern, stylish facilities for travelers, Kanagawa is an endlessly appealing place, where every visit yields new discoveries.
The pages listed here will introduce you to Kanagawa Prefecture's beautiful view, traditional Japanese gardens, and souvenirs that you can take home along with your memories. On this website, you will also find a lot of information on the arts and culture in Kanagawa. We invite you to Kanagawa Prefecture for your amazing experience!

1. A Moment of Wonder in the Garden

2. Kanagawa's Traditional Japanese-Style Houses

3. 6 Irresistible Souvenirs from Kanagawa Prefecture