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Recruitment of general participants Theater company Higashi Sho Musical

横浜市泉区民文化センター ホール 

December 2 theatrical company Higashi Sho Musical "Cinderella" perform. We are looking for people to join the stage with actors in this performance. This is a part of the story, but you will be given instructions on acting and dancing, and will be given costumes and makeup. Directing / Acting instruction: Genki Writing / Singing instruction: Sho Shioya Choreography / dance instruction: Mr. Aiba Gen 4th grade or older, first 20 people

  • Start Day
  • End Day
  • Hour
    Rehearsal time 10: 30-17: 00 (time may vary)
  • Place
    Yokohama City Izumi Ward Culture Center Hall
  • Address
    Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City Izumi-ku Izumi Chuo Minami 5-4-13
  • Ticket type / Fee
    <Participation expense> One adult 15,000 yen High school students and lower one 10,000 yen
  • Contact
    045-805-4000 Izumi-ku, Yokohama City Izumi Chuo Minami 5-4-13
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