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Iwata Yukichi's Acupuncture to the World


The "Yokohama Honmoku Painting Museum", which opened in 2017, has introduced the world of "Yawata Yukichi" from various angles, but this time it was Felmer that Iwata was most respected and influenced. We will make an exhibition based on our relationship with As of today, one of the Japanese painters who followed and learned the footsteps since the late 1950s, when Vermeer was not widely known, is Ekichi Iwata. Based on the background of the period, the points learned in order to use it in my own work as a clue, I will review the works after 1960's since I went to France. At the same time, we will also display reference works and materials that show the inclination of Iwata, who was famous among painters, to Vermeer.

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  • Hour
    10: 00-17: 00 (until 16:30)
  • Place
    Yokohama Honmoku Picture Center
  • Address
    Honcho Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 40-7
  • Ticket type / Fee
    500 yen (free for junior high school students accompanied by parents)
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    40-5 Honmoku Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi 045-628-1150
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