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A creative salon with a small number of people. Let's think about the future of Yokohama together

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It is an attempt to envision the future image of urban Yokohama in a workshop format. <SF, Fantasy> Set in Yokohama <SF, fantasy> While talking about media such as movies, animations, novels, manga and real scenes such as cityscapes, we will talk about cities and Yokohama and express what we felt. Anyone who is interested can participate. Even if you are a non-professional person or someone who seems to be an amateur, if you are interested in these media, want to make new discoveries or challenges, broaden your perspective, or are interested in cross-disciplinary exchanges, first see the situation. Those who want to see and hear the story are also welcome. The staff will support the expression, so no creative skills or expertise is required. Although it's a small group, why not join us in thinking about the “future of urban Yokohama” while sharing your sensibilities in the atmosphere of an easy and creative salon? For those who participate for the first time, the explanation will be centered on the interpretation of works, how to see the city and how to display.

Workshop | Yokohama Rediscovery Season 3
"Mirai, Mirai, Mirai, Yokohama." Session 09-11
[Date] August 25 (Sun), September 16 (Mon/holiday), October 22 (Tue/holiday), November 10 (Sun)
<<Session 08>> August 25 (Sun) 14:00-16:00 *We are still looking for participants.
<Session 09> September 16th (Monday/Holiday) 14:00-16:00
<Session 10> October 22 (Tuesday/holiday) 14:00-16:00
《Session 11》11/10 (Sun) 14:00〜16:00
[Venue] Yokohama City British Pavilion 2F Assembly Room [Lecturer] Architects, videographers, landscape architects, artists, etc. who have graduated from the School of Architecture (London AA School) attached to the British Architects Association [Target Participants] Students, working adults, Free, unemployed, inside and outside Yokohama, inside and outside Kanagawa [How to participate] Please fill in your name and contact information and make an advance reservation by email.
[Participation fee] ¥1,000 (general/first time only) ¥500 (2nd time or later/students, unemployed)
[Support] Yokohama City Foundation for Arts and Culture [Cooperation] Japan City Planning Association [Organizer] Cinematic Architecture Tokyo (CAT)
*Subsequently held once a month until December (season 4 is scheduled to start in January 2020).
*You can participate from any session.
*We recommend that you touch one of the reference works listed below in advance. (Excluding those who already know)
* After the workshop, we will continue to voluntarily walk around the town (Noge Ookagawa, Kohoku New Town, etc.), visit the gallery (Yokohama Museum Saihashi exhibition, etc.), and hold study sessions as needed.
*We are looking for volunteers to help us with our activities. You can experience the appeal of cinematic architecture Tokyo by being involved in management. ( Click here for details!) Please contact us by email.

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