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不思議って面白い! 科学って楽しい ! 洋光台サイエンスクラブ会員募集!!
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Mysterious and interesting! Science is fun! Yokodai Science Club recruitment!

はまぎん こども宇宙科学館 
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The Yokodai Science Club is a membership-based organization established by the cooperation of the Hamagin Children's Space Science Museum and the Yokodai Town Development Council to cultivate children's interest in science and to keep them away from science. The club, which will be celebrating its 15th year in 2019, plans many classrooms so that students can experience programming, which has become essential in elementary, middle and high schools since 2020, with diverse materials and perspectives. In fiscal 2019, we will continue to work to be a chance for children to come into contact with science.

Mysterious and interesting! Science is fun! Yokodai Science Club recruitment!

2019 recruitment of Yokodai science club members
[Application period] March 1 (Fri)-February 29, 2020 (Sat)
*You can check the application period for each classroom on the member-only website after registration.
[Membership period] From completion of registration procedure to Tuesday, March 31, 2020 [Target] Elementary school students and above (Target grade is as of April 2019. Regardless of where you live, depending on the classroom. The grades are different.)
[Membership registration fee] Free [Annual fee] Free [Classroom fee] JPY 1,000 (approx. admission fee is not included)
*Most classes cost around JPY 1,000, but some classes have free programs up to JPY 8,000.
[Member Registration Method] Please register from the Yokodai Science Club website during the application period..yokohama-kagakukan.jp">You can also access it from the Science Museum website.
*The latest schedule and details of classrooms can be viewed on the " 2019 Yokodai Science Club WEB site ".
* 2018 members also need to apply again.
* Please register once per person, and do not duplicate.
*If you do not have an Internet environment, please write the following items on the postcard and send it to the application. Details of the classroom and the latest schedule will be published only on the website. The event schedule will be mailed only the first time. For information on how to apply for the classroom, please see the information sent by mail.
[Requirements] (1) Full name/phonetic, (2) Address, (3) Grade (as of April 2019), (4) Date of birth, (5) Gender, (6) Phone number, (7) Email address (if you have one)
[Application] Hamagin Children's Space Science Museum To Yokodai Science Club 2019 Member Application Section *If there are any omissions in the required fields, the application may be invalid.
*If you have an e-mail address and have specified a domain, please set "@yokohama-kagakukan.jp" to receive. Applications with addresses that do not accept emails from the Science Museum may be invalid.
[TEL] 045-832-1166 (Reception hours 9:30-17:00)

《About class participation》
[Date] As a general rule, each class will be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
[Place] As a general rule, it will be held at the Science Museum. Nature observation classes and exploration classes will be held outside the Science Museum.
[Classroom application] After completing the registration procedure, you can apply for each classroom as soon as the classroom information is published (scheduled for mid-March 2019).

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  • Address
    5-2-1 Yokodai, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa