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一柳 慧×白井 晃 神奈川芸術文化財団芸術監督プロジェクト Memory of Zero メモリー・オブ・ゼロ

Toshi Ichiyanagi x Akira Shirai Artistic Director Project, Kanagawa Arts and Culture Foundation Memory of Zero Memory of Zero

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall 
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Toshi Ichiyanagi (music) x Akira Shirai (director) x Yasuyuki Endo (choreography / dance) x Mimoza Koike (dance) A remarkable dance performance created under the theme of "body and memory"! The dance performance "Memory of Zero" is co-produced by two artistic directors of the Kanagawa Arts and Culture Foundation, composer Toshi Ichiyanagi and director Akira Shirai. Set in the Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, where many historical masterpieces have been performed, from classical ballet to contemporary dance, a conceptual work entitled "Memory of the Body" and Paul Auster's novel "In the Country of Last Things" We will perform two dramatic works based on ". Toshi Ichiyanagi is in charge of music, Akira Shirai is in charge of composition and direction, and Yasuyuki Endo is in charge of choreography. Mimoza Koike (Principal of the Monte Carlo Ballet Company of Monaco) will be the center of the dance, and a special ensemble will perform, as well as casting unique dancers who are active both in Japan and overseas. Please look forward to exciting collaborations by top artists who are active on the front lines of creation sites around the world. Part 1 Memory of Body Part 2 In the Country of Last Things Composition / Akira Shirai (Original / Translated by Paul Auster / Motoyuki Shibata)

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  • Hour
    March 9th (Sat) 18:00 start / March 10th (Sun) 15:00 start <br /> [Opening 30 minutes before the start]
  • Address
    3-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama
  • Ticket type / Fee
    All seats are free (with reference number, special seats) General 6,500 yen Students (24 years old or younger, limited number) 3,000 yen <br /> * Special seats on the stage will be used for this performance. Please enter in numerical order on the day. Details will be announced on the Kanagawa Kenmin Hall website.
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    Ticket Kanagawa 0570-015-415 3-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama
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