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アイフィオーリ音楽会 サロンコンサート♪猫んちぇると♪
Art and Photography musics

Aifiori Concert Salon Concert

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Have a nice afternoon with the cat players Cat-soloists will dress up as cats and present a variety of songs, including songs, opera arias, musicals and movie themes. Enjoy the unique cat music and the unique program with scenes where other animals pop out, singing and playing the flute and piano of the cat players. This time, all visitors will be presented with original postcards of cat art by up-and-coming artists, and a mini-exhibition corner, “Cat Petit Exhibition” will be held simultaneously (after the show). Participated in the 14th Yokohama Yamate Art Festival. [Performers] Yuka Aihara (S) Keiko Tayu (S) Tomoko Yamada (S) Satoshi Aihara (Br) Eriko Ito (Fl) Asako Noguchi (Pf) [Main tracks] Rossi II: A delightful cat duet Sati: Cat Chanson Makiko Kinoshita: Cat spring M. Pagano: Tango black cat Kosaku Yamada: Postmani Anderson: Dancing kitten, etc.