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澄川喜一 そりとむくり
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Kiichi Sumikawa Sledding and stripping

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This exhibition is the first large-scale solo exhibition by Kiichi Sumikawa (Kiichi Sumikawa, born in 1931) who has been a leader in post-war Japanese abstract sculpture, held at public museums in the Tokyo metropolitan area. With about 90 works and materials including the latest works, I will revisit the whole picture of Sumikawa's creative activities for more than 60 years. Sumikawa went to Tokyo University of the Arts with the intention of becoming a sculptor, and thoroughly learned the basics of concrete expression centered on a statue. After graduating from the major of sculpture, he presented numerous works while studying at Geidai, and eventually gained a deep insight into natural materials such as trees and stones, and an abstract sculpture that resonates deeply with the unique beauty of Japan It will be developed in the "Shape" series. This theme is the life work of Sumikawa, which is still being pursued. On the other hand, I will enthusiastically present works in the field of modeling in public spaces. He also attracted attention for his diverse work related to huge urban structures, such as the design of the Tokyo Tower Aqualine Kawasaki Artificial Island "Tower of the Wind" and Tokyo Sky Tree®. In Yokohama city, he also worked on outdoor sculptures and many public sculptures. In 2013, he won the Yokohama Culture Award, and has contributed to the culture in various parts of Japan, including Yokohama City and his hometown. Kiichi Sumikawa's definitive exhibition, beginning with concrete sculptures, eventually turning into sharp abstract sculptures, and expanding the creative field into collaboration with huge outdoor sculptures and the architectural field.

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    10: 00-18: 00 <br /> * Until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays in May <br /> * Last admission 30 minutes before closing
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    3-4-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
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    General 1,500 yen University / High school students 900 yen Junior high school students 600 yen Elementary school students and under Free of charge over 65 years old 1,400 yen (Certificate required, only available at museum ticket offices)
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    Yokohama Museum of Art 045-221-0300
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