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【開催延期】  3/19(木)横浜で気楽なアートカフェ『(メディアの中の)都市ヨコハマの未来像』専門知識不要/どなたでもどうぞ
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[Postponed] 3/19 (Thursday) Easy-going art cafe in Yokohama "Future image of city Yokohama (in the media)" No specialized knowledge required / Anyone please

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This event was postponed to April because the venue, Yokohama City Citizen Activity Support Center, closed in March due to measures against the new coronavirus. Details will be announced on the official website in the near future] Art Cafe | Yokohama Rediscovery Season 4 "Mirai / Mirai / Mirai, Yokohama." Session 03 In an experimental trial that combines architecture, movies, cities, representational culture theory, and art. , A workshop to discuss, think about, and express the "future image of Yokohama" that can be seen from the works depicting Yokohama, and a cafe, once a month each. This is the cafe version. It is a story-centered production (workshop). Participation only in the cafe is OK. If you are interested in the workshop version, please. Session 03 Contents: ・ Yokohama works (several points will be picked up from SF and fantasy movies, anime, manga, and novel works set in Yokohama) ・ Interpretation and viewpoints (views that become so interesting when Yokohama is used as a filter)・ After introducing hints on how to look at the future (what kind of future there is, reference books, etc.), everyone will have a light discussion. * Anyone who does not need specialized knowledge and is interested in the above media and themes is welcome. Of course, those who just listen are also ○. Please feel free to join us. * You can participate from any session. Session 04 will be held at the same venue on April 10th (Friday). Held once a month until December. Please refer to "Detailed Information URL" for the future schedule. Organized by Cinematic Architecture Tokyo (CAT) http://cinematicarchitecturetokyo.com Sponsored by Yokohama City Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation Cooperation NPO Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners twitter https://twitter.com/CAT_YOKOHAMA Facebook https://www.facebook. com / cinematicarchitectureinyokohama /