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【開催中止】  リリス藝術大学 クラシック学部vol.7 「もっと!!ギモン解明!入門講座」
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[Canceled] Lilith University of the Arts, Faculty of Classics vol.7 “More! Guimon Clarification!

栄区民文化センター リリス 
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[Canceled] Lilith University of the Arts, Faculty of Classics vol.7 Why Classic? What? ? why? ? ? "More! !! Gimmon elucidated! Introductory course ”After a long absence, the“ Lilith University of the Arts, Classic Faculty ”has been revived by upgrading the content of the first year to return to its original spirit! Originally started from Lilith, the lecture is now expanding nationwide. I have improved my skills and have gained various perspectives, so I would like everyone to know the appeal of composers again and have a wider interest. New content, enhanced guests, new classes! !! Professor: Masanori Kato (composition / piano) Lecture contents [1st Bach course] -Why is Bach called "father of music"?・ What is "equal temperament" that Bach always comes out?・ Why is it “Aria on the G line”? [2nd Mozart Department] ・ Why was Mozart poor?・ What is “Turkey” in “Turkish March”?・ Why is his wife Konstanze called a “bad wife”? [3rd Beethoven Course] ・ Why is it that Beethoven decided the direction of classical music?・ What is the "sonata format"?・ Is Beethoven really bad at making melodies? [The 4th Department of Comparative Composers Schubert / Schumann] ・ Part 1 Piano song ・ Part 2 Song ・ Part 3 Symphony ・ Part 4 Recommended song [5th Rare Composer Department Rossini / Mendelssohn / Bizet] ・ A rare melody maker! ?・ Everyone gets excited! ? Rossini Crescendo's secret ・ Mendelssohn's surprising pioneering psyche ・ How could such a novel idea not be recognized? ? The Bizet spirit seen in Carmen * Contents are subject to change.

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    1-2-1 Kosugaya, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi
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    All seats free 5 times 4,500 yen
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