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【d】  横浜市新市庁舎完成記念企画展「明治・大正ハマの街-新市庁舎建設地・洲干島遺跡-」

[D] Yokohama City New City Hall Completion Special Exhibition "Meiji/Taisho Hama Town-New City Hall Construction Site, Suhijima Ruins-"

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The new city hall of Yokohama City was completed in the Kitanakanatsuminami area. This area, formerly known as Susu Island, will be transformed into a modern "Hama city" by westernization after the port was opened. Excavation was carried out along with the construction of the new city hall, and from the excavated traces (remains) and excavated remains (relics), the most advanced technology and culture at that time became apparent as if we were back in time. It was Glass bottles, Western tableware, bricks and Western tiles, earthen pipes and toilet bowls were all new discoveries that lead to modern life. In this exhibition, along with excavated materials, we will introduce the ukiyo-e, ancient maps, and archaeological achievements of the surrounding modern ruins, and bring back the town of Hama during the Meiji and Taisho era. [Closed] Mondays (the following day if it is a national holiday, open on August 10, September 21) and Tuesday, August 11

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    1-18-1 Nakagawa-chuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi
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    General: 500 yen University/High school students: 300 yen Middle school/elementary school students: 100 yen [Permanent exhibition common ticket] General: 600 yen University/high school students: 400 yen Middle school/elementary school students: 100 yen
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    Yokohama City Museum of History ℡045-912-7777
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