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【d】  style-3! one hour music show Spissatus vol.17&18

[D] style-3! One hour music show Spissatus vol.17 & 18

緑区民文化センター みどりアートパーク 
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Performers: Eisuke Takashima (violin), Tomohiko Nagasawa (contrabass)

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    vol.17 14:00 start (13:30 open) <br /> vol.18 17:00 start (16:30 open)
  • Address
    2-1-3 Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Yokohama
  • Ticket type / Fee
    General 2,500 yen / 1,000 yen for high school students and younger (all seats are free) * Free on the knees for preschoolers, charge if seats are required * Admission on the day is in order of reference number * Performance content is different between vol.17 and vol.18 .. Tickets are also different.
  • Contact
    Yokohama City Midori Ward Cultural Center Midori Art Park ℡ 045-986-2441
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