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【d】  第16回身体にいい音楽会~室内楽演奏会~

[D] 16th Healthy Concert-Chamber Music Concert-

栄区民文化センター リリス 
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A gem ensemble by a talented stringed instrument player representing Japan, listening in a spacious and limited seat. The beautiful melody with the scent of the land and the sound of the heavy strings invite everything you hear to a time of bliss. [Cast] <Violin> Miki Kobayashi, Ribon Aida, Chisako Naoe, Keiko Kagezawa, Yuna Shinohara, Karen Kido, Kiyonatsu Kagei, Mai Kinomura <Viola> Shoko Suda, Naoko Hato, Satomi Furuya <Cello> Kazuhisa Ogawa, Haruhiko Miyaji <Contrabass> Minoru Yamazaki, Kento Takasugi [Songs] ・ Piasora: The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires (Violin Solo Miki Kobayashi) ・ Medical Lecture <Composer's Disease and Music-Tchaikovsky-> String Serenade in C major Op.48 * The program is subject to change.

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    13:15 Open <br /> 14:00 Start
  • Address
    1-2-1 Kosugaya, Sakae-ku, Yokohama
  • Ticket type / Fee
    All seats reserved 4,500 yen
  • Contact
    [Organizer] NPO Sakae Ward Cultural Center Lilis ☎045-896-2000 (9: 00-21: 00)
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