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【d】  岩田榮吉の世界 様々にある風景
Art / photography

[D] The world of Eikichi Iwata Various landscapes

Yokohama Honmoku Painting Museum 
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At Yokohama Honmoku Painting Museum, we have introduced "The World of Eikichi Iwata" from various angles, but this time we will be exhibiting the theme of landscape paintings of Iwata. Eikichi Iwata is a painter who has a deep understanding of the tradition of European painting and pursues his own painting world with a focus on still life paintings with realistic and detailed expressions. However, when it comes to landscape painting, there is a "mystery" that does not fit that image. First, there is no realistic expression in the remaining oil paintings. Next, while being greatly impressed by Vermeer's View of Delft, he stopped drawing landscape paintings a few years after he actually saw it. And in his later years, after a blank of more than 20 years, he left behind a small landscape piece again. In this exhibition, I will explore what landscape painting was for Iwata through the exhibition of about 40 oil paintings, watercolors, prints, and sketches of Iwata. * Please note that we will take the following measures to prevent and prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. • If the number of visitors exceeds a certain number, or if there are significant changes in various circumstances, admission may be restricted or the end time may be advanced. • Alcohol disinfectant is installed at the entrance. • The staff in the hall wear masks. <Requests to all visitors> • Please cooperate with the visitors in wearing masks. • If you cough or sneeze, please cooperate with "cough etiquette" that covers your mouth with a mask, handkerchief, tissue, etc. • If you feel sick inside the building, please contact the staff.

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    10: 00-17: 00 (Admission until 16:30) <br /> <br /> * Closed days: Every Tuesday, New Year holidays (December 28-January 3) <br /> * New Corona From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of virus infection, the schedule may change depending on the situation in Japan and overseas, so please check the latest information on our website before visiting.
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    40-7 Honmoku Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama
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    500 yen (1 free for junior high school students and younger accompanied by parents)
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    Yokohama Honmoku Painting Museum 045-629-1150
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