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【d】  創作落語四日間連続口演 第8回 童笑寄席
Other traditional culture

[D] Creative Rakugo 4 days continuous oral performance 8th Dosho Yose

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[Cast] Calligrapher Ekaki Yafudesuke Rakugo created from scratch by calligrapher Fudenosuke is released for four consecutive days. The theme is space, artificial satellites, and music. In addition, the final day is a blockbuster with the theme of Paralympics and artificial limbs. [Details] Day 1 Dreaming Space Day 2 Jinkou Eisei Day 3 Nursery Rhymes Night Day 4 Two-legged Race Annual summer vacation children's rakugo. This year, we will make a special delivery on YouTube. You can enjoy it from home. * Yokohama City Cultural Arts Activity Support Program