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【d】  【オンライン配信】光風流オンライン花展2020
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[D] [Online distribution] Kofuyu Online Flower Exhibition 2020

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〇Contents of distribution "Kofu-ryu Online Flower Exhibition 2020" This is an online flower exhibition of the flower arrangement school Kofu-ryu, which was founded in 1945 in Yokohama. Members from Yokohama and around the world will introduce their works, including the Iemoto of Kofu-ryu. 〇Delivery period November 1, 2020 (Sunday) -March 31, 2021 (Wednesday) 〇Delivery method ・ On YouTube Ikebana Kofuyu Channel https://youtu.be/bAV_KVAuWCw ・ On Kofuyu HP https: //www.kofuryu.org/ 〇 Shooting date / shooting location September 20, 2020 (Sun) Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel 31st floor small banquet hall Le Grand Yokohama Ikebana Kofuyu. (Official homepage https://www.kofuryu.org/) In the situation where flower arrangement activities such as flower exhibitions are not possible due to this year's corona sickness, thinking about what can be done with Kofuyu, online flower exhibition 2020 I decided to do it. https://youtu.be/bAV_KVAuWCw This year marks the 85th anniversary of the Kofu-ryu, which was founded in 1945 in Yokohama. Even now, we are based in Yokohama, and in the important area of Yokohama, we will live and shoot while avoiding the three crowds, and we will deliver the video from November 1st to the end of March next year. I did. We hope that many people will enjoy ikebana works with the scenery of Yokohama while staying at home.