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【d】  映画批評月間 フランス映画の現在
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[D] Movie Criticism Month The present of French movies

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Anstitut Francais Japan collaborates with French film critics, experts and programmers to select and introduce the latest French films, "Film Criticism Month-The Present of Prince Films". Vol.01 was selected by Julian Juster of "Liberation", and Vol.02 was selected by Olivier Pale of Arte France Cinema. Enjoy 21 gems of old and new French films selected by critics. <Best of 2018/2019> << Brave Female Directors >> "Paul Sanchez is back! Patria Mazi (2018/101 minutes) "I am beautiful 20 years later" Sophie Phillier (2018/95 minutes) "My Revolution" Judit Devis (2019/88 minutes) "A new landscape "The Present of Youth" "Wild Boys" Bertrand Mandico (2018/110 minutes) "We Provencial" Jean-Paul Siberac (2018/137 minutes) "Treasure Island" Guillaume Black (2018/97 minutes) "Documentary of Critics" "Jean Duche, Portrait of a Movie Critic" Fabian Ajege, Guillaume Namur, Vincent Aser (2017/85 min) "Finded Filmmaker Guy Jill" "Seaside Koi ”(1963/73 minutes)“ Oh Pan Kupe ”(1967/71 minutes)“ Shine on Earth ”(1969/102 minutes) <2019 Best Arte Co-production>“ Alice and Mayor ”Director: Nikola・ Parige (2019/105 minutes) Exhibited at the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival Director Week "You deserve love" Director: Afsia Elgi (2019/107 minutes) Screened at the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival Critics Week "Liberte" Director: Alberto Serra (2019/138 minutes) 2019 Cannes International Film Festival "A Perspective" Category Winner "Shinonyms" Director: Nadav Rabido (2018/123 minutes) 69th Berlin International Film Festival Gold Bear Award Winner "Invisible Sun" Director: Andre Tecine (2019/102 minutes) "Cabul Swallow" Director / Screenplay: Zaboo Brightman & Elea Gobe Mevelek (2019/82 minutes) 2019 Cannes Participated in the Perspective Division Competition at the International Film Festival <Serge Bozon Special> "Madame Hyde" (2018/96 minutes) Winner of the Best Actress Award at the Local Film Festival (2018/96 minutes)Isabelle Huppert) "Tip Top Two are the Best" (2014/107 minutes) 2013 Cannes International Film Festival Directors' Fortnight <Jean-Pierre Mocky Special> "The Chasers tonight? (1959/78 minutes) "Solo" (1970/89 minutes) "Red Toki" (1975/87 minutes)

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    3-51 Wakabacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama
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    General 1,500 yen University specialty 1,200 yen Senior (60 years old and over) 1,100 yen High school students and younger, disabled people 1,000 yen
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