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【d】  人形劇ひとみ座「9月0日大冒険」
Theater / dance

[D] Puppet Show Hitomiza "September 0 Great Adventure"

Izumi Ward Cultural Center Theater Fonte 
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A fun family puppet show based on Makiko Sat's "September 0 Great Adventure"! Summer vacation that should be fun. Jun, a fourth grader, couldn't play at all because of an asthma attack and his father's job. At midnight on the last day of summer vacation, when I turned over the daily calendar in a depressed mood, the date of "September 0", which should not be there, was found. I noticed that the jungle was spreading outside the window! After getting ready and embarking on an adventure, Jun meets his classmate Riko and Akira on the way, and the three go through the Cretaceous world where dinosaurs live. An adventure fantasy depicting the growth and friendship of three people.

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  • Address
    5-4-13 Izumichuominami, Izumi-ku, Yokohama
  • Ticket type / Fee
    General 1,900 yen Children 1,500 yen (4 years old and over, elementary school students and under) Group (10 people and over) 1,000 yen All reserved seats As a measure against corona, the seats are used with spaces in front, back, left and right. If you are visiting with small children, please contact us at the time of application. (I want to have seats next to each other, visit with children under 3 years old, etc.)
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    Hitomiza Puppet Theater TEL: 044-777-2225FAX: 044-766-0249 Email: puppet@hitomiza.jp
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