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【d】  ウィズ・ミューズシリーズ 雅楽~新春の調べ~
traditional culture musics

[D] With Muse Series Gagaku-New Year's Survey-

泉区民文化センター テアトルフォンテ 
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Gagaku, a world-famous art of music and dance, has been handed down from the Heian period without changing its shape. Naoyuki Manabe, who is active in many fields, will bring together a selection of gagaku performers. Please enjoy the elegant world of music suitable for the new year. Cast: Naoyuki Manabe, Souki Aoki, Hichiriki: Yoshiaki Honda, Motonori Miura Flute: Ryo Fujiwaki, Tatsuya Iwasaki "Chitose" Ryoou * Songs are subject to change.

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    14:00 start (13:00 open) <br /> <br /> * As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection, it takes time to enter because the temperature is measured and disinfected at the time of admission, or the customer keeps a certain distance. It is expected that it will take. Please come with plenty of time.
  • Address
    5-4-13 Izumichuominami, Izumi-ku, Yokohama
  • Ticket type / Fee
    [All seats reserved, preschoolers not admitted] General 1,500 yen Izumi Ward resident discount, Fonte Members 1,300 yen Students (junior high school students and above) 1,000 yen Elementary school students 500 yen
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