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【d】  【オンライン開催】アートによる緑区の魅力発信事業「山下学舎(まなびや)文化祭」
Theater / dance Art / photography musics

[D] [Online] "Yamashita Gakusha (Manabiya) Cultural Festival", a project to disseminate the appeal of Midori Ward through art

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We will hold an art event online that you can easily participate in from your home computer or smartphone. Set in the wooden school building (currently Yamashita Community Exchange Center) of the former Yokohama City Yamashita Elementary School built in the middle of the war, we will produce and display art works using blackboards and old farm equipment that were sleeping in the reference room. Scenery and video works will be distributed sequentially on the event special WEB page (external site).

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    0: 00-23: 59 <br /> * From Saturday, December 5th to Sunday, December 13th, you can see the production scenery and some exhibitions at the Yamashita Regional Exchange Center. <br /> (Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00, Closed days: 6th (Sun) afternoon, 7th (Mon), 13th (Sun) afternoon)
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