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【d】  オルガン・プロムナード・コンサート vol.385

[D] Organ Promenade Concert vol.385

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We will deliver the Gregorian chant that I first encountered when I was a student, the various messages that I received from Hikari, the wind, and nature living in the land of Izumo, the encounters that I received as an organist in a public hall, and the images of each of them. I can't wait to meet the customers on the day and see what kind of conversation they will have. Asami Yoneyama [Cast] Asami Yoneyama (Organ) YONEYAMA Mami, Organ [Program] Ave Maris Stella Meditation by "Our Lady, Star of the Sea" JS Bach: Dress up, my beloved soul BWV654 Karen Tanaka (Arranged by Asami Yoneyama): " From "Herb Garden" "Rosemary" "Lemon Balm" E. Grieg (Arranged by Asami Yoneyama): From the collection of lyrical small songs "Toroldhausen's Wedding Day" [Cast Profile] Matsue Prava Hall Exclusive Organist. He is developing performance activities with a wide range of ideas, with the theme of having the whole body enjoy the wind instruments that resonate with the building. As Japan's first organist dedicated to public halls, he has a reputation for creating music spaces from various fields that are unconventional, created from unprecedented places. He met the Feldenkrais Method when he studied at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1998, and after returning to Japan, he actively adopted a program to enjoy organs throughout his body, especially organ appreciation events for educational institutions, nursing schools, and medical centers. He has gained the support of many people at the <Music Bath> concert that he enters from the age of. In Japan, in addition to Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, Oratory of Sacred Road Ka Hospital, performances in halls and churches, ensembles, orchestra co-stars, reed organs and folk percussion instruments & physical expression live <sound play with body> We are doing it at various venues. In addition, we are also focusing on training younger generations at Prava Hall and churches. Graduated from Elisabeth University of Music, Department of Religious Music, Pipe Organ Course. Studied organ under Tsuguhito Hirosawa and harpsichord under Yasuko Mitsui. (One company) Member of Japan Organist Association and Japan Organ Study Group.

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    3-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama
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    All seats reserved, free admission, advance application system * A fee will be charged if the ticket is issued outside the counter. * The number of admissions is limited to prevent infectious diseases. Please note that the application will be closed when the capacity is reached. * The seats will be arranged with a space of about 2 seats, with half the capacity of the hall as a guide. In the future, depending on the mitigation status of infectious disease countermeasures, we may accept additional seats that were not initially accepted. * Performance songs may change due to unavoidable circumstances.
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