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【d】  シネマ・ジャック&ベティ 上映スケジュール 12/12〜1/8
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[D] Cinema Jack & Betty Screening Schedule 12/12 ~ 1/8

Cinema Jack & Betty 
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Jack & Betty is a two-screen mini theater in Wakabacho, Yokohama. There are two screens, "Jack" and "Betty", and mainly the new road show of the single building system, the director / actor special feature, the film festival, etc. are also held. ■ About the films to be screened At Jack & Betty, we select and screen high-quality movies that are rarely shown at cinema multiplexes, regardless of genre. There are also many works that can only be seen at Jack & Betty in Yokohama. ■ About the screening program Although the main focus is on new mini-theater films, we are also actively conducting special screenings and film festivals as one of the few masterpieces in Yokohama. Since I want to introduce as many good works as possible, there are a lot of works shown on 2 screens, but you can also enjoy a variety of movies all day long by laddering the works. ■ Major public works during the period "Federico Fellini Film Festival" "BOLT" "Unreliable" "You were there, at that time." "Tank struggle" "Hotel New Moon" "Wife of a Spy"

  • Start Day
  • End Day
  • Hour
    Please check the screening schedule
  • Address
    3-51 Wakabacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama
  • Ticket type / Fee
    [Basic fee] General 1,800 yen University / vocational school students 1,500 yen Seniors (60 years old and over) 1,100 yen High school students and younger / people with disabilities 1,000 yen * Various discounts such as movie day (1st of every month), late show discount, etc. * Depending on the work Prices may vary. Please check the event details URL
  • Contact
    Cinema Jack & Betty 045-243-9800
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