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【d】  オルガン・プロムナード・コンサート vol.386

[D] Organ Promenade Concert vol.386

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall 
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While in junior high school, the "Ishibashi Memorial Hall" was completed. For the first time there, I heard the sound of the same Kreis pipe organ as this hall, and was fascinated by it. A few years later, I transferred to the organ major. This time, we will play test songs from high school, arrangements by teachers, and works learned in Germany. The days of obstruction continue, but I hope the sound of the organ invites you to a sense of liberation. Chiharu Unai [Cast] Chiharu Unai (Organ) UNAI Chiharu, Organ [Program] JS Bach / Tsuguo Hirono Arrangement: From Cantata No. 147 "In the Heart, Mouth, Deeds and Life" Lord, the joy of people's wishes JS Bach: Prelude and Fuga in E minor BWV548, etc. [Cast Profile] Graduated from Ueno Gakuen Junior and Senior High School Music Department and the same university's Instrumental Music Department organ specialty. Graduated from Westphalia State Church Music School (currently university) in Germany. Obtained Cantor (church musician) qualification. Studied organ under Tsuguo Hirono, A. Schoenstead, and JN Keller. After that, while studying at the International Organ Music Academy held in Romamutier, Switzerland, Pistoia, Italy, and Salamanca, Spain, he performed concerts there and gained popularity. Received the Pistoia Award. Performs concert activities as a solo concert of pipe organ and basso continuo. In addition, he plans "Church Music Academy Open Lecture" and "Hello Pipe Organ" at Tokyo Kikyo University, and focuses on communicating the charm of church music and pipe organs. After working as a music director at Kasukabe Evangelical Freedom Church, he is currently a music chief at Tokyo Christian University and a lecturer at the Faculty of Music at Ferris University. (One company) Member of Japan Organist Association and Japan Organ Study Group. Member of Fuchu Nishihara Christian Church.

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    3-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama
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    All seats reserved, free admission, advance application system * A fee will be charged if the ticket is issued at a place other than the counter. * The number of admissions is limited to 50% to prevent infectious diseases. Please note that the application will be closed when the capacity is reached. * Performance songs may change due to unavoidable circumstances.
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