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【d】  ダブルリーズ 第10回 アニバーサリーコンサート

[D] Double Leeds 10th Anniversary Concert

Tsurumi Ward Cultural Center Salvia Hall 
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"Double Leeds" is a group of four women organized in the style (period instrument) oboe and bassoon used in the 18th century, and the harpsichord. Since 2012, we have been holding baroque music concerts every year at the Yokohama Yamate Western Pavilion. This is the 10th concert. We will jump out of the cozy hall of the Western Pavilion and perform with gratitude at the Salvia Music Hall, which boasts wonderful sound. Cast: Double Leeds Yuriko Oyama Baroque Oboe Kanako Imanishi Baroque Oboe Yoko Nagatani Baroque Bassoon Tomoko Teramura Harpsichord Program (planned) Fash: 4-voice sonata in D minor FWV N: d2A. Lotti: 4-voice sonata "Echo" GF Handel : Trio Sonata op.2 / 3 HWV 388 Harpsichord W.de. Fesh: Bassoon Sonata Op.13-5 G.Ph. Teleman: Oboe Sonata in D minor TWV41: e6J.S. Bach: Fuga Technique of Contra Punktus 10 10 degree development 4 voices by confrontation method BWV1080 / 10 etc. * The song may be changed due to circumstances Organizer: Crangrade Concert Secretariat Cooperation: Ensemble Yamate Baroque Support: Japan Harpsichord Association Kanagawa Cultural Program Certification Project

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    14:00 start
  • Address
    1-31-2 Tsurumichuo, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, inside Sea Crane
  • Ticket type / Fee
    All unreserved seats (reservation required for 100 seats) 3,500 yen
  • Contact
    Crangrade Concert Secretariat concert@zav.att.ne.jp Telephone / FAX 045-982-3201
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