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【d】  KENSUKE TAKAHASHI アートワークショップ2020作品展示@横浜港大さん橋国際客船ターミナル
Art / photography

[D] KENSUKE TAKAHASHI Art Workshop 2020 Exhibition @ Yokohama Port Osanbashi International Passenger Ship Terminal

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The 14M giant work of KENSUKE TAKAHASHI Art Workshop 2020 held at Yokohama Lapole, Sports Culture Center for the Disabled on October 31, 2020 will be exhibited in the lobby of the Osanbashi International Passenger Ship Terminal in Yokohama Port. 52 children with disabilities and their families x Yokohama-based painter KENSUKE TAKAHASHI's 14m x 1.8m giant co-produced work is a colorful and big hopeful phoenix (Kohoku Ward where Yokohama Lapole is located). The symbol mark of Yokohama is two white birds), which are drawn to express the individuality of each participant. KENSUKE TAKAHASHI A painter from Yokohama. With solid descriptive power, precise technique, and free creativity that jumps over reality, mural paintings, wall art in restaurants, providing artwork to companies and governments, and performing live painting events in a style that draws without deciding the style of painting. The range of activities is expanding in a wide variety of ways. In recent years, JR Yokohama Station Ekinaka, Yokohama Yoshidamachi, Yokosuka, Machida, Pow! Wow! Japan Kobe, Macau, etc. as large-scale mural paintings, Kanagawa Prefecture enlightenment project, Yokohama Port Opening Festival, Yokohama World Porters as artwork provision. At the live painting event "UNDERLAND" held irregularly at Grassroots yokohama, Yokohama beer and collaboration label beer are produced for a limited time each time.