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「能を知る会 鎌倉公演 -仇討ちの能-」  ・解説 「仇討ちの能」  中森 貫太 ・狂言 「地蔵舞(じぞうまい)」 大藏吉次郎 ・能   「放下僧(ほうかぞう)」 鈴木 啓吾 ・質疑応答 中森 貫太
traditional culture

"Kamakura Performance-Noh Noh-" ・ Commentary "Noh Noh" Kyogen Nakamori ・ Kyogen "Jizo Mai" Yoshijiro Ozo ・ Noh "Hokazo" Keigo Suzuki ・ Q & A Kyogen Nakamori

Kamakura Noh Stage 
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During the rainy season, on Saturday, June 2nd, the Noh club for the citizens of the prefecture will perform a "Hokazo", a priest who defeats his nemesis with his brother's wit.
There are songs such as "Yoru Soga" that actually play a vengeance, but this song is characterized by pretending to be a street performer called "Equanimity" in order to invite caution.
Furthermore, it is performed in a form called faceless face, and it is not only a dramatic script suitable for the name of the present thing, but also a lot of tricks such as Zen questions and answers, kusemai, kakko, and kouta that are not usually seen. It has become the contents.
Kyogen is a performance of "Jizo Mai", in which a traveling monk manages to stay at an inn and dances to the innkeeper in a village where it is forbidden to stay. I will do it.

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    14:00 start (13:30 open)
  • Address
    3-5-13 Hase, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0016
  • Appearance
    Explanation: Kanta Nakamori Shitekata: Kanta Nakamori, Keigo Suzuki, Naoya Komase, Tsuneji Okugawa, Yoshihisa Endo, Mitsuru Nagashima, Jiro Sakuma, Hideaki Kojima, Takashi Kuwata, Kennosuke Nakamori Wakikata: Noguchi Noguchi Kyogen: Yoshijiro Otsuzumi , Otsuzumi Kyogen, Enomoto Gen, Miyamoto Noboru Flute: Hiroaki Terai Kotsuzumi: Yoharuko Hisada Otsuzumi: Mitsuhiro Kakihara
  • Ticket type / Fee
    All seats unreserved seats 5,500 yen Seat reservation fee ... 1,000 yen (You can specify your favorite seats) ◎ Group 5,000 yen
  • Ticket Info
    ● Kamakura Nohbutai TEL / FAX 0467-22-5557 (Telephone / Fax / HP form / leaflet etc.) WEB http://www.nohbutai.com/ticket/ ● Eplus http://eplus. jp / sys / T1U37P0422480150
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    Kamakura Nohbutai TEL / FAX 0467-22-5557
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    Kamakura Nohbutai Public Interest Incorporated Foundation