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Meiji Restoration 150th Anniversary Project "Letters from 12 Ishinagi Nobusho" Exhibition The Third (Ninomiya Town)

Tokutomi Su-Fen, born in 1863, recollected from his father, Kazutako Yokoi Ogusu no Miyuki "I often heard about Shishin Shishin" at early Meiji early childhood. In order to convey the revival history to "the highest peak in Japan history", Su-Fen summarized the history of Emperor Meiji to posterity, over 34 years, into "the history of modern Japanese history" in the volume of 100.
In this writing, lamenting the difference between generations, "I do not know unfortunately", "Sanshin no Sansho" is called "Saigo no Hero's Saigo" "Politician of Okubo Musou Okubo" "Underworld Evil Orthodox Kido "as we say.
In particular, the feelings towards Saigo Takamori is strong, and you can feel a sense of fascination with the songs of the late Su Men that "I want to do an umbrella with Mr. Saigo."
Su-Fen has fortunately learned anthropology from the Shogunate · Katsuishi which was a relationship of "Fathers affectionately bringing their teachings under their knees", while on the other hand, Ito of "Ishin 2nd Generation" who was the center of the Meiji government We also exchanged with Hirofumi, Yamamoto Yuru, Inoue Kaoru etc.
We will introduce "Letters from 12 people of Ishinaga's wishes" addressed to Tokuomi Suzumi in 4 times as follows as follows in 150 years of Meiji Restoration in this time.

First Friday, January 5 – Saturday, March 31
Exhibition letters: Katsuhiro, Ernesto Sato, Mitsuaki Tanaka

The 2nd April 6 (Fri) – June 30 (Saturday)
Exhibition letters: Hirofumi Ito, Kanzo Saionji, Yuzo Motoda

The 3rd July 6th (Friday) to September 30th (Sunday)
Exhibition letters: Yamamoto Yamagata, Kaoru Inoue, Muneki Mutsuoka

The 4th October 5th (Friday) to December 24th (Monday)
Exhibition letters: Shinkin Okuma, Eiichi Shibusawa, Guido Fulleckki ※ "Takamori Saigo favorite mantle" will be exhibited during all period

  • Area
    Shonan area
  • Event Date
    Friday, January 5, 2018 - December 24, 2018 (Monday)
  • Start Day
  • End Day
  • Hour
    10: 00 ~ 16: 00
  • Place
    Tokutomi Suzumo Memorial Hall 2F
  • Address
    Ninomiya 603 Ninomiya cho, Nakagori, Kanagawa Prefecture 259-0123
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    Tokutomi Suzumo Memorial Hall
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