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Lilith University of the Arts classical department vol.6 classic famed piece appreciation technique! "Why?" "What?" "Why ???"

Recruitment for classic appreciation lecture for fun learning for beginners

The 1st 【JS Bach: Aria on the G-line (April 12)】
Originally on the G line is not originally.
What is the technique of Bach's counterpoint hidden in this masterpiece! What? What is it to be the music father? What?

The 2nd [Mozart: Requiemu mini K.626 (April 26)]
Requiem is religious music. Knowledge of that model deepens understanding! What?
Were Mozart's counterpoint beyond Bach! What? Elucidated from the last work.

The 3rd [Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 (May 24)]
Already modern music? What is the charm of this work filled with heretics! What?
Listening is not the only movement in the end! We approach Beethoven from the charm of another movement.

The 4th [Berlioz: Fantasy Symphony Op. 48 (June 14)]
A talented person who made even textbooks of orchestral music. How to handle the instrument is genius and ingenious.
From this point of view, this work will make you more interesting!

The 5th 【Ravel: Bolero (July 12th)】
What is the reason why this song just repeats itself is not boring! What?
Where did this idea originate from the first place! What?

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    Masanori Kato (composer · Pf)
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