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82nd Charity Concert

Yamato City Cultural Creation Center Sirius Arts and Culture Hall Multi-Space 
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It is a cozy concert where you can listen to the sounds of musical instruments up close and enjoy it from the elderly to small children (a place with a joint mat is also available). You are free to enter and leave the venue on the way, so please feel free to visit us.
All donations collected at this concert will be donated to the Yamato City Zeni Bank of the Yamato City Council of Social Welfare (donations are optional).

.. Snow medley. Takashi Yanase's song "Anpanman no March", "Palm to the Sun"
.. "Liebeslied" composed by Kreisler
.. Old-fashioned YMO "Tong Poo"
.. Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 "Moonlight" 3rd movement <Break>
.. (Request) 2nd movement from String Quartet No. 12 "America" composed by Dvorak. From Italian songs to Torna a Surriento, composed by Scarlatti Sent nel core
.. Old-fashioned Thunderbird theme music. Mother's song. 1st movement from Symphony No. 5 "Fate" composed by Beethoven

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    10 o'clock
  • Address
    〒242-0016 1-8-1, Yamato Minami, Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Ticket type / Fee
    Free admission
  • Contact
    Ishikawa Family Ensemble Phone. 046-269-6055 In charge. Ishikawa
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