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Kawasaki-shi Fujiko · F · Fujio I Museum Exhibition "" Kitarez Encyclopedia "×" Doraemon "The invention of the Edo period and the secret tool of the future"

In Fujiko · F · Fujio's comic book, various variety tools will appear.
A representative one is "Doraemon" of "Doraemon". It is a tool of the future of the 22nd century.
And the other one is handmade "inventions" that appear in "Kitarez Encyclopedia".
It is a tool of the past that Edo era genius Kitarezusai wrote in "Odd heaven big encyclopedia".
In this original exhibition, I will introduce the secret tools of "Doraemon" similar to it, centered on the invention of "Kitarez Encyclopedia".
Besides that, original paintings with mysterious tools such as "gutsukurochan" and "pocognan" also appear.
The invention of the Edo period and the secret tool of the future. Please compare the original images and enjoy.

Announcement of release of case handkerchief

Product name: Handkerchief with case (2 types in total) Tax included 2,322 yen The third brand of the original brand "Future Department Stores" of this museum aiming to fashionably introduce F works everyday.
The package that imagined the back of the Doraemon and the Dorami draws a big eye.
The image of the character is also reflected in the design of the handkerchief.
It is also recommended not only for everyday use but also as a gift for loved ones!

  • Area
    Kawasaki city
  • Event Date
    January 25 (Thu) - July 2 (Monday) of the previous term * Late planned July 7 (Sat) to January 15 (Tue) * 2019
  • Start Day
  • End Day
  • Place
    Kawasaki-shi Fujiko · F · Fujioio Museum
  • Address
    2-8-1 Nagao, Tama Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 214-0023
  • Contact
    TEL: 0570-055-245 (9: 30 ~ 18: 00)
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