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Shichikendo Special Door (Oiso Town)

Oisojoyama Park Former Yoshida Shigeru Residence District Shichikendo 
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The former Yoshida Shigeru's house district garden was a pioneer of Japanese-style modernist gardens: and the seven kendos that remain in it survived the burning of Yoshida Shigeru's house. While the scent of old plum blossoms is full, you can open the door of Shichikendo, which is normally closed, for a limited time to see the inside of the hall.
During the door opening period, the NPO Oiso Guide Association will give a local explanation.

* Shichikendo: Shigeru Yoshida relocated the Shikendo, which was built by Hirobumi Ito in the Konami Cabinet in Oiso Town, to his current location. Initially, Tomomi Iwakura, Toshimichi Okubo, Sanjo Sanetomi, and Takayoshi Kido were enshrined, followed by Hirobumi Ito, Saionji Kinmochi, and Shigeru Yoshida. Inside, there were pictures of seven people.

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    Oiso Joyama Park Management Office
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    Organized by: Prefectural Oiso Shiroyama Park Designated Manager (public interest incorporated foundation) Kanagawa Prefectural Park Association / Shonan Landscaping Co., Ltd. Group Cooperation: NPO Oiso Guide Association