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"December Great Harae" (Isehara City)

[Isehara Daijingu] 
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I pray that I will cleanse the sins I have committed unknowingly in half a year and live a bright and pure life from next year.
[Sannomiya Hibita Shrine]
Implementation date: 12/20 (Wednesday)
Shizuru Dairei Location: Sannomiya Hibita Shrine Transportation: Isehara Station North Exit No. 1 Bus Stop (for Kurihara) Bus Approximately 15 minutes Get off at "Hibita Shrine" or walk or Isehara Station North Exit No. 1 Bus Stop (for Tsurumaki Onsen Station) Bus Approximately 12 Minutes Get off at "Kobe" Approximately 12 minutes on foot * Please note that the number of buses is small Time: 14: 00 ~
Inquiries: Sannomiya Hibita Shrine TEL: 0463-95-3237

[Isehara Daijingu]
Implementation date: 12/24 (Sun)
December Great Harae Location: Isehara Daijingu Transportation: 10 minutes walk from the north exit of Isehara Station Time: 15: 00 ~
Inquiries: Isehara Daijingu TEL: 0463-96-1611

[Oyama Ayori Shrine]
Implementation date: Wednesday, December 28
December Great Harae (Kayawa Kuguri)
Location: Oyama Afuri Shrine Transportation: Isehara Station North Exit No. 4 Bus Stop (for Oyama Cable) Bus 30 minutes Get off at the end point 15 minutes on foot Cable Car 6 minutes Time: 13: 00 ~
Inquiries: Oyama Ayori Shrine Shimosha TEL: 0463-95-2013

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    15: 00 ~
  • Contact
    Isehara Daijingu TEL: 0463-96-1611