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手塚夏子 『漂流瓶プロジェクト第一弾 〜それは3つの地点から始まる〜』
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Natsuko Tezuka "The first drifting bottle project-it starts from three points-"

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Here is a bottle with letters and instructions.
It contains instructions for observing Western modernization and pre-existing values again.
And while repeating the experiment, it is shown that the performing arts for living in the present age will be launched.
Three dancers who have researched pre-modern performing arts and rituals
Three works by Natsuko Tezuka (Japan), Venuri Perera (Sri Lanka) and YeongRan Suh (Korea).

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    21st (Fri) 20:00 22nd (Sat) 14: 00/19: 00 23rd (Sun) 14:00
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    1-11-15 Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Yokohama ST Building B1
  • Appearance
    Natsuko Tezuka Yuta Hagiwara (Natsuko Tezuka's work) Venuri Perera YeongRan Suh
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    Price: Advance 3,000 yen Same day 3,500 yen
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    Inquiries: ST Spot TEL 045-325-0411 MAIL mail@stspot.jp
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