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BankARTAIR2017 BankARTStudio NYK Studio Artist Recruitment! Implementation period: April 10, 2017 (Monday) -June 20, 2017 (Tuesday) Application deadline: March 20, 2017 (Monday) Must arrive

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We are looking for creators who will be producing and working at BankART Studio NYK this spring as well. Individuals, teams, and organizations (universities, government agencies, etc.) can participate. There will also be an opening to the city, such as parties, weekend artist talks, and an open studio for the final week. We look forward to your participation.

Implementation period April 10th (Monday) -June 20th (Tuesday), 2017
10: 30-22: 45 * Until 20:00 on Sundays
About 40 teams in total
Purpose of use As a general rule, production studio, 15 square meters or more
Cost burden 1,200 yen x number of square meters x 2 months (Example: If you borrow 18 square meters, 1,200 x 18 x 2 = 43,200 yen)
About 8 teams with half-price reduction and exemption, and several groups with full-price reduction and exemption
Application conditions Participation in open studios (6.9 to 6.18) regardless of genre, age, or nationality Use studios for 60% or more (days) of the implementation period * If you do not meet the regulations, you will not be exempt from the exemption.
Selection method Determined by documents and interview (interview period 3.21 to 3.26)

[Bonus during your stay] 10% off pub tickets, 5% off all BankART shop products, free use of shower room

How to apply <br> Please send the following 4 materials to the "2017 Studio Artist Open Call". (Please note that the materials you sent will not be returned.)
1. Name, address, contact information, email address, desired date and time of interview, desired number of square meters,
Number of people (1 sheet of A4 paper)
2. Activity history (1 sheet of A4 paper)
3. Past work materials (8 A4 size or 1 CD or DVD such as images)
4. Activity plan (about 400 characters) for studio in

Documents to be sent to BankART Studio NYK, 3-9 Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0002
"2017 Studio Artist Open Call"