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ゴールデンウィーク特別企画 磯子区政90周年記念プレイベント「びっくり、大魚ー展(だいぎょーてん)!」

Golden Week Special Project Isogo Ward 90th Anniversary Pre-Event "Surprised, Big Fish-Exhibition (Daigyoten)!"

Hamagin Space Science Center 
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Isogo Ward will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the ward system on October 1, 2017. The catchphrase is "Thank you for 90 years of Isogo in the future, where people shine in the sea." In Isogo Ward, which faces the sea, fishing has been actively carried out for a long time, but in the 90 years, Isogo's fishing industry has changed significantly as Yokohama developed as a big city. It has a history.

The Hamagin Space Science Center will hold a special exhibition that introduces the fishing industry, fishery, sea creatures and culture related to fish with panels and models. In addition, special work will be held to carry out electronic work and handmade card work, and special classes will be held by inviting researchers involved in the sea and fish.

■ Special exhibition ■
In addition to exhibiting panels and models, trick art with carp streamers as a motif will be set up so that you can take pictures as part of the art. We will also hold a quiz rally where you can get a fish card if you answer all the questions correctly.

Date and time: April 29 (Sat / holiday) -May 7 (Sun) 9: 30-17: 00
Location: B2 Special Exhibition Room Admission: Free (admission fee not included)

■ Special work ■
We perform electronic work with a mechanism that moves with a motor and card making with a mechanism that moves with a magnet.

① "Motor-powered carp streamer"
We perform electronic work of a mechanism that is driven by a motor.

② "Fish card that moves with a magnet"
Make a card that works with a magnet.

Date and time: ① May 1st (Monday) to 5th (Friday)
10: 30 ~, 13: 30 ~ Approximately 1 hour each time ② April 29th (Sat) -May 7th (Sun)
10: 00 ~, 11: 00 ~, 13: 00 ~, 14: 00 ~ About 30 minutes each time Place: ① 2F laboratory ② 2F multipurpose room Fish card driven by magnet 3
Target: ①② Elementary school students and above (preschoolers are created by parents)
Capacity: (1) 12 people each time (2) 16 people each time Participation fee: (1) 1,000 yen (2) 500 yen (Admission fee is not included, participation tickets will be sold at 9: 30-1F information on the day)

■ Special class ■
We invite researchers involved in the sea and fish to talk about memories of the sea and fish, research outlines, etc. comprehensively.

① "Squid class-What is the funny story about squid?-"
Dr. Takashi Okutani, who is famous as a leading researcher in mollusk research, looks back on half a century of research on squid.Tell an interesting story about mosquitoes.
Lecturer: Professor Takashi Okutani (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Fisheries University)

② "Edomae classroom-" Studying fish in Tokyo Bay "-"
What kind of place is Tokyo Bay facing Yokohama for fish? Professor Hiroshi Kono will hold an Edomae class, including how he came to study fish in Tokyo Bay.
Lecturer: Hiroshi Kono (Professor, Tokyokaiyo University)

③ "Business trip food education smile class-Let's make original FD soup!-"
This is a special class of Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd., which is familiar with "Maru-chan".
Introducing Toyo Suisan's history and freeze-drying (FD) technology, as well as making "original FD soup"!
Lecturer: Akihito Iida (Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.)

Date and time: ① Wednesday, May 3rd, 13: 30-14: 30
② Thursday, May 4th, 13: 30-14: 30
③ May 5th (Friday) 13: 00-15: 00
Venue: B2 Special Exhibition Room Fish Corner for Hands Target: ① ② Elementary and junior high school students and their guardians ③ Elementary school students (parents can visit at the venue)
Capacity: ① ② 50 people ③ 30 people Participation fee: Free (admission fee not included)
How to apply: Apply in advance using the "Application Form" on the website or the round-trip postcard (addressed to the "GW Special Program Special Class" section of the Hamagin Space Science Center).
Up to 4 people can apply at the same time. Up to 2 parents are allowed. Please specify the following.
1. Desired date of participation 2. 〒 address of guardian (representative) 3. Names and furigana of all participants (elementary and junior high school students are also in grade) 4. Phone number ———————————— ————————————————————————————————
Deadline: April 19, 2017 (Wednesday)

* We will inform you of the lottery results regardless of whether you win or not.
* "Winning notification" is required to participate. If you do not hear from us by the day before, please contact us.
* If you do not fill in the required items, your application will be invalid.
* Applications for filling in with a disappearing ballpoint pen will be invalid.