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Workshop "Experience a desktop electron microscope!"

Hamagin Space Science Center 2F Space Discovery Room In front of the electron microscope 
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Operate the "Desktop Electron Microscope Miniscope® TM3030" that can magnify from 15x to 60,000x to see the world invisible to the naked eye. You can actually operate the personal computer and observe the enlarged image of the sample you brought or the one prepared at the science museum.
* Some items may not be available as samples, such as those containing water. In addition, the observed sample cannot be returned.

Schedule: April 11th (Tuesday), 14th (Friday), 18th (Tuesday), 21st (Friday), 25th (Tuesday), 28th (Friday)
Elephant: Anyone * Preschoolers are accompanied by a guardian.
Capacity: First-come-first-served 12 people