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Girls, dance with the dead

Cinema Jack & Betty 
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Our own treasure found in a quiet forest. It's a beautiful girl's "corpse".
I want to bring her back to life and dance with her
God, pretend you haven't seen it for a while.

Five girls everywhere in "Mone", "Kechon", "Shifo", "Younapi", and "Chibou" who work part-time at the cleaning company YMM Cleaning. While being threatened by a black female president like a demon, I hate it, but I have nothing else to do, so I spend somehow boring days ... One day, at a cleaning site in the forest, they discovered a transparently beautiful girl's "corpse." The five men succeeded in reviving the "corpse" using the ritual of a Norwegian black metal band, but the corpse "that" had hidden secrets that were too dangerous to know.
Official site: http://ymm-film.com
[Director] Kayoko Asakura [Cast] Mone, Kechon, Shifo, Younapi, Ano, Chibo
2015 / Japan / 70 minutes / Nippon Publishing Sales / Blu-ray screening

[Stage greeting] After the screening at 12:30 on 1/30 (Sat), the stage greeting will be held on the first day!
Scheduled to be on stage: You'll Melt More! <Mone, Kecho, Shifo, Younapi, Ano, Chibo>

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