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情報発信ボランティア養成講座 第1回

Information Dissemination Volunteer Training Course 1st

Zushi Cultural Plaza Sazanami Hall, etc. 
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2016 Zushi Bunka Plaza Hall Information Dissemination Volunteer Writer Recruitment!
We are looking for volunteer writers to watch the performance hosted by Zushi Bunka Plaza Hall and report on the atmosphere and impressions of the performance.
In the training course for activities in 2016, Mr. Atsushi Oyamada, a popular music writer who is familiar with the program commentary of Zushi Bunka Plaza Hall, will give a lecture on the points of writing.
If you like watching, listening and writing, please join us!
* After completing the "Information Dissemination Volunteer Training Course", you can register for the 2016 Zushi Bunka Plaza Hall Information Dissemination Volunteer Writer.

1st February 13th (Sat)
2nd Saturday, March 12
2 consecutive lectures

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    10: 15-11: 45 each time
  • Address
    4-2-10 Zushi, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture Zushi Culture Plaza Hall
  • Appearance
    Atsushi Oyamada (music writer)
  • Ticket type / Fee
    1,000 yen (2 times in total)
  • Ticket Info
    (1) Participant name, (2) Address, (3) Age, (4) Gender, (5) Phone number, (6) E-mail address, (7) Writing history (blog, haiku, etc.), (8) Postcard, fax, mail or Zushi culture after clearly stating your favorite event genre. To the Plaza Hall window "Information Dissemination Volunteer" section. * In the case of e-mail, please write "Information transmission volunteer" in the subject line. Application deadline: Must arrive by Monday, February 1st
  • Contact
    Zushi Bunka Plaza Hall TEL 046-870-6622
  • URL