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県民のための鎌倉公演・解説 『平家物語の女性達』・狂言『節分(せつぶん)』・能『巴(ともえ)』・質疑応答
traditional culture

Kamakura performances and commentary for the citizens of the prefecture "Women in the Heike Monogatari", Kyogen "Setsubun", Noh "Tomoe", Q & A

Kamakura Noh Stage 
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Under the theme of "Women in The Tale of the Heike", the morning section will perform "Tomoe" with the main character "Tomoe Gozen", a concubine of Yoshinaka Kiso. It is a program of Kyogen and Noh that even those who are new to Noh can enjoy it in an easy-to-understand manner. There is also a pre-commentary and a question corner after the performance. Please come to Kamakura in the new year.

"Tomoe" Synopsis
Awazu, a priest of Kiso, was taught the land of Yoshinaka's death by a woman, and when he was mourning at night, Tomoe appeared in the brave figure of the world, showing the state of Yoshinaka's death and his feelings of mourning, and asked to mourn. .. Tomoe is the concubine of General Asahi Shogun Yoshinaka Kiso. A beautiful but strong bow spirit soldier. He was always successful as a general, but was repelled by the death of a woman with shame. The obsession of the female warrior who could not die together is lonely and impressive. The only song by a woman who is a shuramono with a military commander as the main character.

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    10:00 start (9:30 open)
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    3-5-13 Hase, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Appearance
    (Commentary) Kyogen Nakamori (Kyogen) Former Enomoto Noboru Miyamoto (Song) Keinosuke Okura Yotaro Uzawa Hiroaki Terai (Waki) Kenkichi Tonoda (Shite) Kanta Nakamori Tsuneji Okugawa Hideaki Kojima Keigo Suzuki Keigo Suzuki Jiro Kennosuke Nakamori Takuo Inoue (Questions and Answers) Kyogen Nakamori ...
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    All seats unreserved seats 5,500 yen Seat reservation fee ... 1,000 yen (You can specify your favorite seats) ◎ Members, groups of 10 or more 5,000 yen
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    ● Kamakura Nohbutai TEL / FAX 0467-22-5557 (Telephone / Fax / HP form / postcard etc.) WEB http://www.nohbutai.com/ticket/ ● Eplus http://eplus. jp / sys / T1U37P0422480150
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    Kamakura Noh Stage TEL / FAX 0467-22-5557
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