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本牧アートプロジェクト2015 プレ・ワークショップ

Honmoku Art Project 2015 Pre-Workshop

HONMOKU AREA-2 (formerly the site of a movie theater in Mycal Honmoku) 
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In "Honmoku Art Project 2015", we will hold three workshops for local children in conjunction with the program that will appear on December 12th and 13th of this session. Please join us.

1). "Children's Disco" related projects
Lecturer : Satomi Uchiki
Time : 10: 00-12: 00
Target : 4th grade elementary school to 3rd grade junior high school
Participation fee : Free
A lesson for kids dancers participating in "Children's Disco" on Sunday, December 13th. Retro music is playing at the venue. Let's get excited with the steps you learned in the dance lesson and the dance you want. Parents visit, welcome!
* From November 22nd, workshops are being held in various places in Honmoku. Contact: kodomodisco2015@gmail.com

2). "Give Me Chocolate" related project "Hiding the body, making a mystery"
Facilitator : Natsuki Ishigami
Date : 13: 00-16: 00
Target : 1st to 4th grade elementary school students (required, accompanied by a guardian / capacity: 10 groups)
Participation fee : 500 yen per child Search for a mysterious movie in a movie theater. How can I make a "mystery"? Play with your dad and mom.

3). Take a bath before doing "Dance Nembutsu"
Workshop to become a pure "I"

Facilitator : Riki Takeda
Hours : 14: 00-Max 18:00
Target : High school students and above (Capacity: 8 men and 8 women each)
Participation fee : 500 yen + public bath fee 470 yen Walk through Honmoku to a public bath. I will stay by relying on a certain "instruction". And finally, we will discuss the experience. I'm sure you will see a different town than usual.
* Please let us know if you will participate in "Dance Nembutsu" on Saturday, December 12th. If there are many applications, we will give priority to those who can participate.

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    14-1 Honmokuhara, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 6th Avenue Honmoku 2F
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    How to participate: Please send an email to the Honmoku Art Project 2015 Secretariat with your name, age, gender, address, email address, and phone number. info@honmoku-art.jp
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