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戦後70年特別企画・第2弾 戦後を生きたひとびと

70 years after the war Special project, 2nd people who lived after the war

Yokohama Cinemarine 
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As the second special project in 70 years after the war, we will hold a special screening of works depicting the lives of ordinary people after the war.
Black market, Bataya village, town, GHQ, war widow, mixed-race child, atomic bomb, repatriation ... How did people live and how were they portrayed the various incidents and problems that emerged during the post-war reconstruction period after World War II? In this milestone year, which is 70 years after the war, I would like you to see it again with your own eyes.
In addition, this screening is a collaborative project with the Japan Institute of the Moving Image and will be held as part of the script course class.

Screening work
A Dear Sir, His Majesty the Emperor (1964 / 1 hour 34 minutes / Shochiku Ofuna)
B Aa Koe Naki Tomo (1972 / 1 hour 45 minutes / Atsumi Pro / Shochiku)
C Bad Girl (1963/1 hour 54 minutes / Nikkatsu)
D The Heart of Hiroshima (1966 / 1 hour 32 minutes / Nikkatsu)
E Sequel, town with cupola Minors (1965/1 hour 39 minutes / Nikkatsu)
F Japanese Tragedy (1953 / 1 hour 56 minutes / Shochiku Ofuna)
G Women's Garden (1954/1 hour 44 minutes / Shochiku Ofuna)
H The Bright Day of My Life (1948/1 hour 41 minutes / Shochiku Ofuna)
I Return home (1964/1 hour 37 minutes / Nikkatsu)

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