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Theatrical company Kawadoza 224th performance "Tomasson"

Yokosuka City Youth Hall 
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Many Thomasons gathered in a warehouse People who settle in that warehouse People who are not homeless and want to be free from time and the monetary economy ...
The civilized society that attacks the utopia is a little mysterious, and the unexpected development is ...

  • Start Day
  • End Day
  • Hour
    19th (Sat) 13: 30/18: 00 20th (Sun) 13:30
  • Address
    37 Fukadadai, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Appearance
    Written by: Hachiyo Nakanishi Directed by Kazuhiro Yokota Starring Akiko Takashima, Kumiko Asaba, Chiori Takeda, Takehisa Chiba, Ami Saito, Naoko Shimo (Theatrical Company Pg), Sene Takahashi, Masatoshi Ishida, Maika Uchida (Theatrical Company Pg), Warm Iwanaga, Sato Risako, Mai Takeshita (Theatrical Company Pg), Maruka Nakamura, Anmi Kanazawa
  • Ticket type / Fee
    General advance sale 2,000 yen (2,500 yen on the day) High school students and younger 1,000 yen advance sale (1,500 yen on the day)
  • Ticket Info
    Theatrical company Kawadoza TEL / FAX: 046-823-7443 E-mail: gekidankappaza@yahoo.co.jp
  • Contact
    Theatrical Company Kawadoza / Kanagawa Theater Federation TEL 046-823-7443 (Theatrical Company Kawadoza) / 080-5659-2757 (Kanagawa Theater Federation 9: 00-17: 00 Closed on Mondays) E-mail gekidankappaza@yahoo.co.jp
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