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Tokyo Ballet "Don Quixote" -2 acts-

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Large Hall 
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A fun ballet that revolves around the turmoil of love between young Kitri and Basil, based on Cervantes' "Don Quixote". Directed and choreographed by the famous 20th century dancer Vasiliev, this edition exquisitely blends the tradition and contemporary sensibilities of his native Bolshoi ballet. Each person performs a unique and expressive performance, and the stage is filled with festive energy at a dizzying speed.

Choreography: Vladimir Vasiliev (by Marius Petipa / Alexander Alexeyevich)
Music: Leon Minkus Art: Victor Voliskey Costume: Lafile Voliskey

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    Start: 14:00
  • Address
    3-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
  • Appearance
    Tokyo Ballet
  • Ticket type / Fee
    S = 10,000 yen, A = 8,000 yen, B = 6,000 yen, C = 5,000 yen, D = 4,000 yen, E = 3,000 yen * Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
  • Contact
    NBS Ticket Center 03-3791-8888
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