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Nokisaki Art Fair

Under the elevated studio Site-D meeting place, Kaidan Square and its surroundings 
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"Nokisaki Art Fair" is an art and food event held in the Koganecho area on the second Sunday of every month. The Hatsukohi Market, which sells fresh vegetables sent directly from the production area and special lunches, and an art fair that displays and sells the works and goods of artists will be held. In addition, there will be various events where parents and children can participate, such as manufacturing workshops, guide-guided town walk tours, and open studios, where you can enjoy your day.

<Event on Saturday, August 8>
◎ Children's Workshop "Water Gun Made of Bamboo"

Let's play with "Take no Mizugun" that you make with your own hands!
If you clear all the water gun games, you will get a prize! First of all, please gather at Kaidan Square. Participation is free!
◎ Children and adults! "Gyoza & Beer Garden"
beat the summer heat! A summer classic beer garden is held!
You can spend a relaxing time drinking and eating. Please feel free to drop by.

<Event on Sunday, August 9>
◎ "Exciting Midsummer Concert-Let's Make Musical Instruments-"

Let's make an original musical instrument together and have fun playing it!

<Main event>
◎ "Art Fair"

An art fair where you can find unique goods and works that can only be bought here!
Select products with plenty of individuality and handmade products by artists are lined up.
◎ "Hatsukohi Market"
First project! Hatsukohi Bread & Coffee Marche!

Artists with studios in Koganecho will open their studios! Please feel free to visit us.

《Collaboration with the Zaki Festival in Isezakicho》
If you get the leaflet of Nokisaki Art Fair and bring it to the information of Zaki Festival on August 8th and 9th, you will get a nice little gift! Let's stretch our legs and go to the Zaki Festival!
Holding time: 11: 00-17: 00
Venue: 6-chome, Isezakicho
Organizer: Isezakicho 6-chome Neighborhood Association, Zaki Roku Promotion Association
Contact: 045-261-2835

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