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劇場リアル謎解きゲーム 《怪人からの脱出》

Theater Real Mystery Solving Game << Escape from the Phantom >>

Zushi Bunka Plaza Hall 
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The hall turns into an exciting playground! Let's challenge a mystery solving game that can not be cleared without mobilizing all the intelligence, physical strength, and luck. Participants solve the mystery set up as a detective trapped in the theater by the monster and challenge the monster to the final battle. The curtain of the "theater real mystery solving game" that you can enjoy while experiencing the story is about to open!

Theater real mystery solving game special page

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    ① Start at 13:30 (Open at 13:15) ② Start at 16:30 (Open at 16:15)
  • Address
    4-2-10 Zushi, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture Zushi Culture Plaza Hall
  • Appearance
    Voice appearance (voice actor belonging to JTB Entertainment) ・ Aina Kusuda ・ Shunsuke Sakai ・ Hiroyuki Endo ・ So Takeuchi
  • Ticket type / Fee
    2,800 yen (tax included) each time
  • Ticket Info
    ● Zushi Bunka Plaza Hall TEL 046-870-6622 WEB http://www.bunka-plazahall.com/
  • Contact
    Zushi Bunka Plaza Hall TEL 046-870-6622
  • URL