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Akahama Rock'n Roll

Cinema Jack & Betty 
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Draw the pride of living with the sea and the will to revitalize the hometown [Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, a rich sea town where mountains, rivers and groundwater veins nurture story】

A rock-loving fisherman, Tsutomu, who was born in Akahama, Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, is a town where Horaijima (a model island of Hyokkori Gourd Island) that enshrines Benzaiten floats. I'm wearing my body. In 2011, the great earthquake that struck eastern Japan struck the town with "earth-colored wall-like waves." A tsunami of up to 22 meters and a fire lost more than 1280 dead and unknown, and 85% of the town. Six months later, the national and prefectural governments will decide on a reconstruction plan to surround the coastline with a huge 14.5m high tide embankment, which is the same as a five-story building. "You can't see the sea!" Meanwhile, the residents of Akahama cry out against the huge seawall. Hiromi Kawaguchi, the chairman of the "Akahama Reconstruction Thinking Group" who lost his family in the tsunami, rejected the national proposal. "There is no reconstruction, neglecting nature," says Abe, who devotes himself to delivering wakame seaweed, kelp, sea squirts, and oysters that have been cultivated with time and effort to consumers. Wisdom to walk together, which is different from the idea of suppressing nature. Here is also the future we should move forward.

Official site: http://www.u-picc.com/akahama_rocknroll/

[Stage greeting]
7/4 (Sat) Scheduled stage greetings by director Haruko Konishi

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    9: 45-11: 20
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    3-51 Wakabacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
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    [Director] Haruko Konishi
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    General ¥ 1,500 College ¥ 1,200 High school and younger ¥ 1,000 * Member discount available
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