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東京交響楽団 現代日本音楽の夕べシリーズ第18回 早坂文雄 没後60年コンサート

Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Contemporary Japanese Music Evening Series 18th Fumio Hayasaka 60th Anniversary Concert

Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall 
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Music of Fumio Hayasaka, a genius composer of the early age 60 years after his death

"The Story of Muku no Ki" (written by Shoji Maruyama, original by Junji Yamada) is the first full-scale animated film produced in-house by the Toho Educational Film Department, and the landscape description by Hayasaka's music has a wonderful effect. .. Since the video of that time still remains, the video is displayed on the screen during the performance. In the masterpiece "Rashomon" directed by Akira Kurosawa, the rhythm of the bolero adds to the euphoric feeling. "Yukara", which was completed just before his death, was featured in the "71st Subscription Concert" by Hayasaka's posthumous work commissioned by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. It will be a concert that attracts not only classical music fans but also many people.

Fumio Hayasaka: From the movie "Rashomon" Bolero in the scene of Masago's testimony Fumio Hayasaka: Symphonic fairy tale "The Story of Muku no Ki" (with animation video)
Fumio Hayasaka: Symphonic Suite "Yukar"

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    15:00 start (14:30 open)
  • Address
    1310 Omiya-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
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    Conductor: Naoto Otomo Performance: Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
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    All seats reserved S ¥ 6,000 A ¥ 4,000 B ¥ 3,000 C ¥ 2,000
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