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Bella Vita(ベラ・ヴィータ)

Bella Vita

Yokohama Cinemarine 
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The waves that hit the Italian coast from Mistral witnessed the birth of Western civilization and carried merchants, fishermen, travelers and kings. The waves of Italy, which have been carefully protected like the ruins of Rome, take surfer, artist and environmental protector Chris Del Moro on a pilgrimage to explore their culture in their ancestral land. There, mature Old World customs and traditional craftsmanship completed the modern surf lifestyle.
Filmmaker Jason Buffer is blossomed by Chris and his friends Dave Lastvic, Lauren Lindsey Hill, Connor and Parker's Coffin brothers, and Italian surfers Alexandro Pontzanelli and Leonardo Fioravanti. I recorded the appearance of exploring the surf culture that is on the way. Italy's surf culture is emerging and expanding into the oldest and most cherished tradition in the Mediterranean. "Bella Vita" is a wonderful poem that dares to capture 35mm film, not digital, and at the same time, a personal and powerful journey of self-discovery. The screen conveys the Italian culture, traditions and passions that value the family.


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    Please check the Yokohama Cinemarine website for details http://cinemarine.co.jp/bellavita/
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    6-95 Chojamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
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    Chris Delmoro, Dave Lastvic, Lauren Lindsey Hill, Leonardo Fioravanti, Connor & Parker Coffin Brothers, Alexandro Pontzanelli
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    General ¥ 1800 University / Specialty ¥ 1500 High school and younger / Senior ¥ 1000 * Membership fee available * Various discount services available
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    Yokohama Cinemarine TEL: 045-341-3180
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